About me

Forever with my nose in a book and repeatedly told that I lived in my own little dream world, I was ten when I first realised the joys of writing. The ability of creating characters and worlds was bewitching.

Born in Worcestershire surrounded by farm land, I had an idyllic rough and tumble childhood. At sixteen, I moved with my parents and younger sister to Anglesey in North Wales, which seemed initially to simply be a trade of one set of fields for another but I soon fell in love with the place. Two years later, I left temporarily to study law at Leeds and before eventually qualifying as a solicitor and returning to Anglesey.

The challenges of working in the law were many and my escapism into writing became as essential as my daily commute. It was while on my way home from work that I caught sight of my own hero and, five years later, we were married. We still live on Anglesey with our daughter, who is wise beyond her years though it doesn’t stop me from doling out the advice. But how could I tell her to follow her heart and live her dream if I wasn’t going to do the same myself? So I started writing again and, presented with the opportunity to write now or forever hold my peace, I grabbed it with both hands.

So once again, I am guilty of living in my own little world and I find immense pleasure in being able to give my characters, the two people who are just meant to be together, their own happy ever after.